Friday, December 30, 2016



Best friends Libby and May create a fun character called Princess X and collaborate on a comic featuring this heroine.Then Libby dies in car accident and May loses both Princess X and her best friend.

Three years pass and all of a sudden May starts noticing Princess X paraphernalia everywhere: stickers, graffiti, a whole web comic carrying on the story of this character. As May looks closer into this phenomenon she finds clues that suggest only Libby could be the one behind this, not to mention further clues within the comic that seem to be trying to tell her that Libby never died; she was kidnapped.

While it seems crazy and dangerous and also too good to be true, May cannot let go of the idea that her friend is actually alive and the only way she can tell May is with Princess X. With the help of her neighbor, who is amateur hacker, May follows the clues to dark corners all in the hope that at the end of this maze she’ll find her best friend.

While the characters feel a little flat, the twists in this plot-driven YA novel make up for it. PRINCESS X is a fun, exciting read: a thriller wrapped up in a sweet friendship story.


The novel kind of lost me once May actually finds Libby. At that point they decide to hunt down the man behind this, a known murderer, by themselves. Now I could get behind May’s logic for looking for Libby herself. Adults wouldn’t believe her. Everyone already thinks Libby dead and May comes across as a crazed grieving friend. However, once they have Libby it seems the strategy should be getting to safety and alerting authorities, not chasing after a dangerous man themselves. While there are explanations for risky actions, nothing felt convincing to me and the last part of the book felt contrived for extra thrill.

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