Monday, September 15, 2014

Does a Fast Read = a Good Read?

Discussion Topic: Is finishing a book quickly proof of its merit?

In other words, does a fast read equal a good read? I often hear readers say, “I finished it in one day!” as testimony for a book’s brilliance. Except when I look back over books I finished in one day, they’re not my favorites. Either they’re short books or my schedule that day happened to allow for almost entirely reading.

In fact, when I’m falling in love with a book I don’t speed up the reading process; I slow it down. If I’m really crazy about a book, I don’t want to hurry up and finish it faster but rather stretch out being part of that world for as long as possible. What we call “page turners” often bait the reader with staggered withheld information. For me, that’s not nearly as wonderful as when I emotionally connect with a novel, especially in such a way that makes me want to slowly savor the story.

How about you? Have you ever finished a book in one day? If so, was that because it was amazing, because it was short, or because you had a lot of free time?

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