Monday, August 18, 2014



Soooo...these books will only appeal to those with a morbid sense of humor. The series includes: THE BOOK OF BUNNY SUICIDES, RETURN OF THE BUNNY SUICIDES, and DAWN OF THE BUNNY SUICIDES.

Praising quotes on the back of the first include statements such as: “If you are a bunny contemplating suicide, then this is the book for you.” and “Very imaginative, very funny, very worrying if you're the author's mother.”

It’s not so much bunnies killing themselves that’s entertaining; it’s how creative these bunnies get in inventing more and more bizarre and complicated ways to off themselves. Like hiding in a piggy bank as a kid’s about to take a hammer to it. Or putting their ears in electrical sockets. Frankly, many of these schemes are so elaborate that I can’t easily summarize them.

Each page presents one of Riley’s wordless cartoons depicting yet another possibility for bunnies who have had enough. (And for readers who have had enough, there is a lovely intermission halfway through that features bunnies frolicking happily in a meadow.)

This is the kind of book that manages to elicit amused chuckles in the same breath as appalled gasps. Amulled chusps? Appused gackles? An especially wonderful coffee table book. Even more so if your intent is to scare away visitors.

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