Monday, June 16, 2014



Want to be able to tell people that your two-year-old is reading WAR & PEACE? Or LESS MISERABLES? Then head to your nearest bookstore and grab a COZY CLASSIC.

These board books each distill a timeless novel into 24 pages, with only a single word on each page. Despite my earlier description of these as books for very young readers, they sell to adults without children, too...because they’re hilarious. Consider PRIDE & PREJUDICE, which includes the words “mean”, “muddy”, “yes?”, and “no!” to comical effect. To anyone familiar with the original classic, these cozy, condensed versions will have you laughing aloud.

As expected with a picture book, each word comes with an image that says more than the single word. Not an illustration, mind you. Instead the books feature photographs of needle-felted objects acting out pivotal scenes.

Though these do feel like humor books for adults, they are meant for children. True, it’s not the same as actually having your toddler read MOBY DICK, but the photographs combined with single words are a perfect jumping off point for further conversation and discussion as they’ll no doubt invite additional questions about each character, what they’re doing, and why they’re doing it. Maybe your child is too young for the original books, but your they'll know the basic plots of famous classics in no time.

I love these books because they make me laugh, but I adore them because they encourage an early fascination with literature. I recommend them to just about anyone, regardless of age or whether or not you have a kid for whom you can justify buying them.

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