Friday, March 28, 2014

The Art of Reading: Stopping Place

All bibliophiles have at least one thing in common: the love of books. Still, as I'm reminded every time I talk to another reader, that doesn't mean we express our affection for the written word in exactly the same way. I'm referring to how we read.

This post’s theme: stopping place. When you pause while reading a book, where do you stop? At the end of a chapter? Page? Paragraph? Sentence? Or absolutely wherever you happen to be when you decide to stop reading?

This is kind of a funny topic for me, because I didn’t realize I was unusual until this came up with a group of readers. Most people I know stop whenever, wherever the urge strikes them. I, however, am a little compulsive about where I stop reading. Ideally, I like to pause at the end of a chapter (which is why I find myself so frustrated with the technique of ending chapters on cliffhangers)...but chapter length varies widely from book to book. I’ve read books where committing to a chapter means committing to another 100 pages! So most often I read to the end of a page. Worst case scenario: if I’m interrupted while reading, I still finish my paragraph or at least sentence before addressing whomever or whatever interrupted me. 

How about you? Are you compulsive like me about your stopping place or are you laughing at the thought of putting so much thought into this?

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