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Authors Kaelin and Fraioli originally established this project as a website after laughing over some humorous texts from their own parents. Then the book came about after the website took off (and it’s no surprise to my faithful readers that I discovered the book first).

The texts are divided into (somewhat arbitrary) categories and presented with a simple, unobtrusive layout. Since this isn’t a novel, I can mostly only say, “It’s funny. Read it.” but I do want to mention some of my favorites.

The first section, “The Origin Story” showcases some of the earliest texts from the website, including accidentally replacing the word “referral” with “reefer.” Next comes “nOObs” and the general misuse of quick texts probably entertains me the most there. “Master Class” involves a lot of parents creating their own inventive emoticons. Then there’s an entire section with parental texts about their other technological woes (mostly sharing their unusual passwords or demanding help with Facebook). There’s also an entire chapter on “Harry Potter.”

For some more specific examples:

DAD: Put a new light in the camel so your friends would stop making fun of the nativity set on the lawn.
- from “Occasions”

ME: Happy bday old man
DAD: This came to me by error. Sorry, no old men here
- from “Happy Birthday!”

ME: Whats for dinner
DAD: sandwiches
(five minutes later)
DAD: who is this?
- from “Mealtimes”

MOM: You will add the dog as your facebook friend RIGHT NOW!!
ME: mom he’s a dog...
MOM: He is FAMILY, add him or you are grounded!!!!
- from “Pets”

There’s also the dad texting his kid wondering where the iTunes store is located, one reminding his child that cool kids play water pong, and numerous moms with various incorrect interpretations of LOL.

WHEN PARENTS TEXT was one my earlier humor section reads, but still remains one of my favorites. I follow the website now, but nevertheless hope they publish another book.

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