Monday, July 8, 2013


(review based on advance reading copy)

This book has a fantasy feel without actually being fantasy, probably a great part of why it appealed to me, an avid fantasy reader! It draws on the legend of King Arthur, so no surprise about the fantasy feel. When archaeologists make some dramatic discoveries, theories - naturally - differ, but the potential connection to a real King Arthur leads to speculation that, even if it’s far more intellectual, still put me in mind of the childlike desire to believe in magic.

The strong, natural writing makes this an easy read. I did find the pacing quite slow, however, and even caught myself skimming, something I try to avoid. With most King Arthur-inspired stories there’s a certain amount of predictability as history repeats itself to some degree. FINDING CAMLANN is no exception there with noticeable parallels to King Arthur lore, though I will say it’s far more its own story than I expected.

I also wanted less focus on the will-they-won’t-they potential affair between Donald and Julia. Their romantic connection never really clicked for me, which limited my investment in anything that might happen between them. They do, nonetheless, have an engaging connection, if not so much romantically, and reading their dialogue makes their shared passions almost contagious. 

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