Friday, November 9, 2012


(sixth in the BIBLIOPHILE MYSTERIES series)

After a run of heavy, depressing, and plain heartbreaking fantasy books, PERIL IN PAPERBACK came as a refreshing change of pace in my reading trends! If you're looking for a grisly, action-packed, procedural murder mystery, the BIBLIOPHILE MYSTERIES series will disappoint. However, fans of whimsical, cozy mysteries designed more for comforting entertainment than nightmare fodder or psychological analysis will find themselves delighted once again. For a measure of the tone, consider this: if you listed every instance of violence in one column and every delicious, tauntingly described edible treat that Brooklyn consumes in a second column, well, the latter list will stretch significantly farther down!

Brooklyn's love interest and now boyfriend, Derek Stone, disappears for this book, though Carlise still works in a romantic conflict despite his absence. Near the very start of the novel, Brooklyn calls Derek, who’s on assignment as a bodyguard, and a woman answers his cell phone. This leaves Brooklyn something to obsess over when she needs a break from thinking about murder! As one might expect, that particular plot thread doesn't resolve until the end, leaving plenty of pages for Brooklyn to consider how much trust her new relationship holds...and if that trust could be misplaced.

The series is certainly very indulgent and subscribes to karmic philosophies. Bad guys, even if they're not murderers, get theirs in the end. Even simply rude or mean people receive punishment of some kind. Characters fall into simple good or bad categories with a nearly nonexistent gray zone and Brooklyn can be rather self-absorbed even in the midst of murder investigations, but both those factors keep the tone light and casual.

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