Friday, April 6, 2012


(fourth in the BIBLIOPHILE MYSTERIES series)

Well, Brooklyn's life might be improving. At least this time she's not the one who finds the body and, hence, becomes a prime suspect; however that poor soul is still someone very close to her.

On actual happy news, finally Brooklyn and Derek are officially dating! After three books of a flirtatious dance that never really goes anywhere, I'm thankful for the semi-closure of their new relationship. (It’s nice to put the "Will they? Won't they?" track on pause.) They don’t seem to have much of a “new couple” phase, but perhaps that's because they've already seen each other through three murder investigations. Whatever the reason, Brooklyn and Derek jump straight into serious, steady, and comfortable. I still find the romance plotline satisfying, but, as I've felt throughout the series, I'm grateful it doesn't attempt to overshadow the murder mystery.

I called the culprit this time! However, it was easier in this book since Carlisle lines up far fewer suspects than usual. I toyed with the possibility that the criminal might be someone we haven't met, but that didn't seem in the style of this series. Even if they hope you won't, some authors like to at least give the reader a chance to guess "who did it." And I did! (Of course, in a general sense; there were plenty of details and twists I didn't see coming.)

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