Friday, March 2, 2012


(third in the BIBLIOPHILE MYSTERIES series)

Oh, dear. Brooklyn has found herself smack in the center of another book-related murder. At least the cops seem to be growing a little fond of her and, though they tease her about being bad luck, don’t seem to consider her a serious suspect this time. Of course, by now looking into murders herself is a bad habit and Brooklyn can’t help but investigate, much to Derek’s frustration.

Speaking of Derek, by the third book in the series I’m growing as antsy as Brooklyn for something to happen between them, or at the very least for her to find some closure that nothing ever will. This time both of them are rearing to have a night alone, but every time they make romantic plans something, like a murder or other hard-to-ignore crime, pops up.

It’s natural that after three murder investigations in less than a year Brooklyn starts to wonder if she does have some connection to each case that she doesn’t know about. I’m glad Carlisle addresses what I know I would be wondering if I were Brooklyn, though it’s likely the string of murders will ultimately be chalked up to coincidence. However, I did get the nibbling sense that perhaps there is something more. Maybe over the course of the series connections will form between separate murder investigations and eventually we will learn that it’s no coincidence that Brooklyn winds up involved in so many murder cases. There might be a bigger story here. Or perhaps that’s just my hopeful skepticism speaking.

As long as it doesn’t turn out to be Minka! In THE LIES THAT BIND, Carlisle tiptoes around giving Minka a little more dimension, but never really crosses that line. I hope it’s a sign that Minka will develop more over the series, but I’m not holding my breath just yet.  

And once again I was far from predicting the murderer. Carlisle has a knack for lining up lots of potential suspects not to mention misdirects. I did suspect there was something more to the character who turns out to be a tad villainous but I didn’t think his/her secrets were of the malicious variety. Let’s see if I have more luck predicting the murderer next time!

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