Friday, January 20, 2012


(first in the BIBLIOPHILE MYSTERIES series)

I rarely read mystery, so HOMICIDE IN HARDCOVER is a fun change for me. It’s the first book in the BIBLIOPHILE MYSTERIES. Can anyone guess what attracted me to this particular series? Since reviews are highly rooted in taste, let me share upfront that I usually go for more whimsical, light, silly mysteries than meaty, grisly ones. Perhaps a break from some of the darker fantasy novels on my favorites list.

HOMICIDE IN HARDCOVER fits my description above. Enjoyable, amusing, comforting. I, obviously, related to the main character Brooklyn because she adores books, but she is above all real. I liked her and could identify with her, but she also irritated me at times. That’s actually a compliment! The point is that she definitely isn’t a flat character. Oftentimes if I agree with every little thing a character thinks or does it means the author is staying in safe ground. Not that Brooklyn did anything deplorable; I only mean that occasionally she struck me as slightly superficial or selfish. I’ve read my share of perfect characters, though, and I welcome ones that are likable without being annoyingly flawless.

I invested in both the murder mystery and the romance. I didn’t predict the murderer, but then again I can count the number of mystery novels I’ve read on one hand so I’m no veteran whodunit reader. The romance subplot doesn’t steal focus and when the author isn’t trying too hard that usually makes me invest even more.

Brooklyn’s the kind of character I can cheer on. I want her to solve the mystery. I want her to resolve any damaged relationships. I want her to win the guy. I want her to find resolution and closure. That wanting pulled me through the story to the end, which wraps up the murder nicely. And the very last part is a totally unexpected, hilarious twist!

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